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Regional Communication Center

Support Services Supervisor Scott Kovach Support Services Supervisor Scott Kovach

Dispatch Supervisor Gina Tipre Dispatch Supervisor
Gina Tipre

The Regional Communication Center is staffed with a team of fully trained police dispatchers; P.O.S.T. certified by the state, and with similar responsibilities as any city or county police/sheriff department. The center is staffed at all times, 24/7, by fully trained dispatchers who answer both 9-1-1, business and other related phones. We currently have 7 full-time and 4 part-time dispatchers. Under the supervision of the Support Services Supervisor and the Dispatch Supervisor, the University Police Regional Dispatch Center efficiently communicates between the campus communities of CSUSB, Chaffey College and Riverside Community College District and those police officers in the field, collecting general or emergency information quickly, calmly, and accurately.


Panorama View of Police Dispatch Facilities